My daughter was going through some issues with her skin due to bug bites. She was in pain, itching and swollen. We tried Western medicine and went to the doctors twice. Even trying antibiotics. Nothing was working and she was only getting into more discomfort and pain. I heard Grace speak during her 30 seconds about making a blend for protecting against bug bites. I immediately approached her after the meeting and asked her if she could help me with my daughter. Without hesitation, she made a recommendation to help with protection from future bites and another blend to help with her pain and discomfort. Even though I had placed my order online that same day for the oils, she went above and beyond and made blends for me to pick up that afternoon. I went home, applied the oils and took photos to see if there would be a difference. Within exactly 24-hours, the swelling was significantly down, the itching was less and my daughter was almost pain free. It only continued to get better as time went on. I really appreciate how Grace listened and was able to assist with this situation. I definitely trust her with my future holistic needs involving oil blends. Thanks Grace!

  • Rhema Corrales

I had no idea what to expect from my first facial reflexology treatment with Grace.  What I DID know was that Grace is a well respected leader in my community. She is an advocate for health and healing and surrounds herself with like-minded people.  I trust her insights and advice. I went into my treatment knowing that I was in great hands. During the treatment, she gently explained what she was doing and what the benefits were.  I am a huge fan of doTERRA essential oils and loved how she incorporated them into the treatment. Given the sometimes hectic nature of life as a mother, wife, volunteer, business owner, mentor, etc it can be hard to find time for myself.  After the treatment, I felt as though the stress had melted away. I was more relaxed than with any massage, yet invigorated at the same time. My skin looked and felt more supple, appeared brighter, and actually had a glow. I am counting the seconds to my next self-care day!     Xoxo, Celia

  • Celia Zaree

As a business owner who has experienced personal trauma, navigating my emotions was not easy. My circumstances left me feeling depressed, unable to focus and highly emotional. This state affected my productivity. I sought out Grace from Essentially Healthwise for natural healing remedies. Grace Richardson’s intuitive assessment and healing hands gave me the breakthrough I needed to become whole and get my groove back. I’ve been a client of Grace for the past few years for essential oil therapy and have recently incorporated Facial Reflexology into my regimen. The essential oil blends used in the services are tailor made to fit my body’s chemistry and the Facial Reflexology is one of the most relaxing, effective stress management experiences I’ve ever had. She continues to educate herself on best practices and new technologies to consistently up-level her client care. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Grace to educate and guide you on your self-care and wellness regimen. Grace has a servants heart and is a client-focused health care partner who loves to educate her clients and creates effective natural solutions for the whole family.

  • Carolann McGough

Grace Richardson is a most amazing woman! Her knowledge and caring nature make Grace one of my best resources for personal care and improvement. I highly recommend her reflexology facial. Besides being incredibly relaxing, the benefit to my facial tone was visible after just one treatment. Her knowledge and generosity are unmatched and I can confidently endorse any service she provides.

  • Ro Kendall

I have been suffering from foot pain from plantar fasciitis for a few years.
Some days it can be really bad if I am on my feet in heels all day.
The only remedy I have had in the past was to soak my feet in hot water and Epsom salts and elevate them or try NOT walk much for a few days. While although that helps it is not practical.
I asked Grace if there were an oils that could help with the pain.
She created a blend for me and I tried it. It was immediately helpful!
I was amazed that after just one day of applying the oil to the bottoms of my feet that my pain was gone. I am using this almost daily and especially if I am scheduled to be on my feet for many hours at a time. Grace really KNOWS how to help with many, many ailments.
I suggest that you give her a chance to help you with something.

  • Donna Rybacki, CSA

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