Symphony of the Cells

What is Essential Oil Spinal Layering Technique (Symphony of the Cells)?

This modality is an effective layering application of a combination of pure and therapeutic essential oils on the spine which produces physical and emotional balance.  There is a different protocol created and and focused on a specific body system/body organ, targeting symptoms and underlying causes of ailments.

What can I expect?

Based upon the symptoms/ailment, a protocol is chosen and the combination of essential oils are applied on the back, the shoulders and the neck area layer by layer.  The essential oils are applied a minimum of once a week, but ideally 3 times a week. Once all the essential oils have been applied, a hot towel is placed on the back for 10-15 minutes to encourage the production of heat.

How long does a session it take?

The protocol is usually completed within 25 minutes.

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