Facial Reflexology – 1 hour treatment

By Appointment Only

Tuesday and Thursday mornings

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Natural Healing Center


2991 Grace Lane Suite 2G

Costa Mesa Ca 92626


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Bella Bar OC

(714) 874-5872

8295 E Monte Vista Rd Suite B

Anaheim, CA 92808


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What to Wear

  1. Wear comfortable clothing
  2. Please do not wear makeup
  3. You will be asked to untie or remove any belts or restrictive accessories.
  4. Please do not wear any metals.

What to expect during the Session

Expect a thorough wellness consultation during your first visit.  The more information we have the better able we will be to come up with the proper protocol. We will not discuss anything during treatment so you can fully relax. A relaxed body is more receptive to the treatments.

What to expect after the Session.

After the session be sure to drink water. The treatment can be detoxifying and it is important that you hydrate properly.