High Heels, Pain for Beauty….

Many years ago when I didn’t know better, I wore high heels a lot.  The made my legs look longer and somehow that brought a little swagger to my walk.  But at the end of the day, my feet were trashed!  I have not worn high heels in 20 years and my feet feel much better.  What are the hazards of wearing high heels daily?  Did you know that the heels shorten your leg muscle fibers and increase the strain on your calves?  They actually negatively affect your walk even after you take them off to walk barefoot.  Some of the cost of wearing heels are joint pain, callouses, knee pain, feet pain, back pain, ingrown toe nail, etc.  If you must exchange pain for beauty then I suggest caring for your feet more.  Stretch them often, especially after you take off your heels.

My top 5 recommended doTERRA Essential oils for foot care are:

  1. Lemongrass – fights pain and inflammation
  2. Peppermint – analgesic (pain-relieving) effects with a mild stimulant quality to help you deal with the symptoms of various foot conditions.
  3. Wintergreen – deals with inflammation and its analgesic (mild numbing) properties will make it easier to cope with foot pain as well.
  4. Clove – has many powerful medicinal benefits.  Used topically it can numb the pain as well as preventing the muscle contractions and spasms.
  5. Frankincense – anti-inflammatory among many other benefits. Frankincense is one of the oldest known medicinal treatments for a number of conditions!



My favorite Nail Spa – BellaBar OC in Anaheim Hills offers a new foot treatment service called CocoBella.

CocoBella: Hydrate and relax your feet in our copper foot bath of luxurious, nourishing coconut milk. Copper, known for it’s healing benefits, improves the flow of energy in the human body and is also antimicrobial. Enjoy a gentle massage with our exfoliating coconut scrub. Then indulge your senses with a hot stone massage, before your choice of polish to top it all off. The positive and negative fields developed within the copper bowls improve the flow of energy in the human body. This helps balance the body and provides immediate stress relief – making it the perfect pedicure for complete relaxation.

Bella Bar OC 8295 E Monte Vista Rd Suite B, Anaheim, CA 92808 (714) 874-5872

Pain points on your face for your feet can be found on your chin.  Massage the chin for 2-3 minutes to get pain relief.


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