As a teenager in the 70s, I ran one of my parents’ two businesses in Thailand. This is where I really learned business first hand. It was this experience that formed much of my personality and my values. It was not an easy place for a teenager. Men much older than myself mostly from the oil rigs and the military bases would come in to the bar for Rest and Relaxation. A self-reliant mindset came in very handy. I learned how to protect myself physically and emotionally. Obviously crying was out of the question. We were open from 9AM to 1AM 7 days a week so I became well versed in running a hospitality business. This instilled in me great work ethics, a huge respect for small business owners and a strong mindset of self-sufficiency. I am not saying I did it all on my own, God was definitely very involved in my well-being. As a Christian, I believe that God equips us with the tools we need to care for ourselves in all aspects of our lives. He gave me the drive, strength, wisdom and courage to take on the challenges of a teenager living in a very adult world.
Today, I have translated this all into a mindset of self-reliant healthcare, especially in health and wellness. I show people that they can be in control of their own health and be healers in their own home with basic reflexology protocols, doTERRA Essential Oils and other quality holistic products, services and education, emphasizing prevention and maintenance.

I became even more passionate and vigilant about bringing acute healthcare back in to the home when my husband went through medical concerns like mold in his lungs resulting in hives all over his body and face and an arterial stent in his “widow maker”. Traditional medicine has its place in health and wellness, but we looked to holistic solutions for day to day support to avoid long term and unnecessary side effects. doTERRA Essential Oils and facial reflexology are holistic products and services that have supported my family’s health these past several years. Having these tools in my arsenal equip me to be a healer in my own home and prompt me to share and educate others that they too can become healers in their own home with these same tools. I am not a doctor so we do not self diagnose and we seek medical attention if we have any chronic issues.