Convention Month Is Here!

September 2, 2018  

This month is a very exciting month for me because it is convention month.  Doug and I will be driving to Salt Lake City, Utah to learn more science about the effectiveness of the essential oils and to experience and obtain the new essential oils that doTERRA is making available to us.  I will see people that I like and admire and only see once a year, I will learn a lot of great amazing science about the essential oils that I have incorporated into our daily lives. and I will hear more of the wonderful doTERRA love that is being spread around the world through the Healing Hands foundation and Co-Impact Sourcing.  Everyone is also anticipating the Convention Kit filled with the new oils and other surprises!

Our doTERRA journey has been such an exciting and revealing time for us.  We have learned so much about which essential oils can overcome some of the issues that we are going through.  Yet, we still have so much to learn.  Each essential oil has so many compounds that answer to so many things going on in our bodies.  As an example, Lavender, a favorite for mood elevation and calming by many people is also anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, immune supporting and so many more.

It is why, in the past couple of years I have pushed to teach people that they can self-care and be healers in their own home. “There is an oil for that!” seems like a cheesy saying but it has been true in our lives.  We have been able to overcome so many different physical challenges by using doTERRA essential oils, vitamins and supplements to support our bodies and bring balance to it.  We also replaced our cleaning products with homemade essential oil blends for cleaning and laundry. On Guard or Protective Blend ingredients are Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary.  Some of the benefits are killing germs and airborne pathogens, antiseptic and laundry cleaner, season immune boost, staph strep throat, cough.

What I am most excited about is the new product showcase. This year they are releasing 11 new essential oils and blends. doTERRA will also be covering a lot of science and research on the veracity of their claims about each essential oil being therapeutic grade and their ability to support the body’s balance and improve the environment we live and move in.

Have no fear! You can be a part of convention right from your office or living room. doTERRA Dream Convention will be available for live stream. Enter my daughter as your referrer Joanne Martinez #1409815 (there’s a contest).

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