Facial reflexology for anti-aging, headaches, digestive issues, tension, stress, minor aches and pains.

About Essentially Healthwise

I have always been health conscious but personal health concern does have a way shining a light on how health conscious you really are. At least that is what happened to me.  Being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease was a major catalyst in my pursuit of different alternative therapies and natural modalities like reflexology and aromatherapy. My success in these therapies gave me the intense need to open the eyes of those around me. I felt it my purpose to guide people on how to care for themselves and their families. From this, Essentially Healthwise was created to give me an outlet to help  others achieve wellness.  We are constantly exposed to, and expose ourselves to, life threatening toxins from the use of perfume/colognes to the products they use everyday for cleaning, laundry, bathing, and so on. My mission is to help you live cleaner and stress free while empowering you to care for your loved ones with natural solutions.

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